Mommy, Mommy, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

I can feel all warm and happy inside today, because I finally got my garden planted. We’ve had an unusual amount of rain lately, and for many weekends past  I thought I’d get it done, but then the skies would open up, and I’d start searching for Noah on the horizon. Of course, everyone else I’d talk to would tell me that their gardens had been in for a month or so. I began to see Martha Stewart in each of their faces, chastising me for not planting by the moon signs. Moon signs? Well, if you’ve ever seen a Farmer’s Almanac, there are moon phases that are optimal for planting, weeding, having your baby, cleaning your ears, etc…, etc… People swear by these signs, and strictly adhere to gardening by the moon phases.

But me?  I just get it done when I can get it done.  Homeschool, laundry,  cooking, yoga, laundry… Who has time to worry about the moon phases for planting???  I’m more concerned with my phases, if you know what I mean.  If I can just get it done, and not be a snarling, aggravated synonym for female dog, then by golly, I’m happy.  And my family’s happy too, if you know what I mean!

The Garden is In!

Notice how all the grass has grown so high around the edge of the garden.   That’s because it’s rained so much that the mower would get stuck in the mud.  Also, notice how beautiful this dirt looks!  Rich, dark, non-clumpy, earthy earth perfect for gardening, right?

WRONG!  It’s clay.  Red clay.  The kind that gets ground in all your clothes, and turns your socks orange.  Permanently.  We’ve just “tweaked” it by adding loads of crap to it.  Literally.  We buy dirt – to use the term loosely – that mushrooms were grown in.  Basically, manure made perfect by mold.  It works, though.  See how lighting and camera angles can change one’s view of things?  One view of the garden –  so pretty.  The other?  Nasty red dirt.  Mixed with crap.   But what grows in it, makes for some wonderful, fresh, delicious veggies!


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