Mei Mei

I have a very sick kitty. She really is a cat, but she’s such a little thing, and while no longer a kitten, she’s so small that cat is just too big of a word for her. So, she’s my kitty. Her “given” name is Daisy. At least, that’s the name my daughter gave her when we got her. But because she’s Siamese looking, she somehow morphed into Daisy Mei, eventually becoming Mei Mei. She answers to any and all names that are hers.

And she’s really my daughter’s pet, but inexplicably, she’s mine. I absolutely love this little ball of fluff.

Thyme for Mei Mei

Thyme for Mei Mei

I’ve had and loved several cats before, but none that have captured my heart like Mei has. I honestly don’t love any of my children more than another, but I confess, I love this kitty more than any I’ve ever had before. She’s loving, sweet, people-oriented.  Just… special.

And she’s sick. Very sick. First, she had a kitty cold, but it soon turned into malaise, and now she won’t eat – or drink – a thing. And it’s been that way for 2 days. Of course, it’s a weekend. I got some antibiotics from my vet on Friday, but even with those, she’s completely lost her appetite. She seems to have gotten worse, not better. So I’m feeding her Gatorade with a syringe every hour on the hour until I can get her in to the vet tomorrow morning.  Have you ever tried to feed a cat with a syringe?  It’s hard.  But when you love something with all your heart, the hard things are worth it.

Update:  Mei is doing better.  It was touch and go there for a while.  She still has an awfully adorable kitty sneeze, but she’s eating now.  Her fur isn’t all falling out, and I think she’ll be fine.  God is good and faithful in even the little things… like my cat!


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