Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Daughter!

As of 6:25 a.m. this morning, my home is now filled with all teenagers. My daughter was born 13 years ago today. I love this girl! She’s always had one of those naturally happy temperaments; I’ve often said that she’s “sunshine in human form!” For 13 years, she’s brightened my life each and every day.

I love all my kids – two boys, and my girl, but it’s wonderful to have a girl in the house. The male sector of our home leaves toilet seats up, but they kill big spiders. They don’t necessarily wash their dishes, but are tall enough to reach to the highest cabinets. They have exceptionally smelly clothing after they’ve been working outside on a hot day, but they give the most comforting, big hugs.

Girls on the other hand, while being much more hormonally-challenged than boys, just get girl stuff. Like the need to have chocolate during stressful times. Or the need to have chocolate for the sake of having chocolate. They get that you can have one outfit become 4 by changing accessories, jewelry, and most importantly, by changing shoes. Girls understand that, even though you have one shirt in a certain color, another one in a shade just a tad different, with a varied cut, certainly won’t be a “waste.” And most especially, girls value talk. We talk to work out our problems, we talk to connect, and we talk to learn.

My girl knows all these things, and I’m so glad she’s mine.


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