Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges…

After having sewn on what seems like a gazillion Boy Scout merit badges, and rank advancement patches on my son’s uniform, I appreciate that sentiment.

There was a time when every woman had a thimble because she sewed/mended/did some kind of needlecraft and a thimble was just part of the necessary equipment. But how many people have thimbles these days? Or, if they do, like me, do they know even where they are???

Because, the other night, my son earned his Life rank in Boy Scouts. Happily, there’s only one more rank (Eagle) for him to achieve.  With that rank advancement, there were numerous patches and merit badges to sew on his uniform.  I really could have used that thimble.

Sidebar: The person/people/evil monsters that designed the Boy Scout Class A dress shirt were not likely women. There are all sorts of “handy” pockets built in, but unfortunately, these pockets must have patches sewn onto them. Unless one has hands the size of a fairy, it’s virtually impossible to sew the durn things on. Evil geniuses, those shirt designers…

But the merit badges, well, they’ll just keep on coming in the mean time… I had to sew 12  on just in the past few days.  Having worked (hard) for them, my son was eager to wear them to his meeting this week.  Normally, he only wears the merit badge sash on special occasions such as the Court of Honor, but since he’d received those 12 last weekend, he was eager to show them off.  And really, I was happy to sew them.  Really.

It’s just that after contorting/stabbing/nicking/murdering my fingers sewing on his new Life patch on a tiny, yet nefarious pocket, I wasn’t so keen on sewing on the others without the help of a thimble.  I mean, I probably have 2 or 3 thimbles that once belonged to one or another of my ancient relatives.  Surely I would be able to find a thimble with all my other sewing items.  You’d think.

Like John Belushi liked to say on SNL in my youth… “But noooooooooooooooooooo!”

Not a thimble in sight.

I’m really very happy my son has chosen to participate in Scouts.  It’s a wonderful organization.  My dad was an Eagle Scout and I’ve seen what a difference it made in his life.  I hope that for my son as well.  But the sewing?  I guess I should really just let the Boy Scout do all the sewing himself.  Make him appreciate me and so on and so on….  But I kind of have one of those perfectionist personalities.  I would have a hard time letting him out of the house in a uniform that looked like it had been stitched by the Jolly Green Giant.

So… I sew.

I don’t mind so awfully much.  But it would just be so much easier if I could find a thimble.


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