It’s Good to Move, But Sometimes It’s Better to Just Stay

Yep. That pretty much sums up my life here the past few days, starting with the marathon.

In a marathon, by definition, you must move to finish.  I’ll post more about the actual marathon later, but I had some issues with my calves cramping.  I’m pretty sure the cramping was caused by me slowing down and stopping on more than one occasion to get my picture taken by one of the Disney photographers scattered throughout the race.  So in this instance, it was good to move.

Likewise, after the marathon, I needed to move. One thing most experts recommend to speed post-marathon recovery is to walk – a lot – immediately after the marathon.  And so I did….  through the long, winding road that is an IKEA showroom.  We hadn’t managed to fit it in ahead of time, so we fit it in afterward instead.  And, really, it was very extremely helpful; I did recover so much faster this marathon.  I’m glad I walked.  It was good to move.

But the past few days, I’ve had the stomach bug, so it’s been good to just… stay.  For obvious reasons, but like I said yesterday, rest is good.  Sometimes our bodies need to not move, but just stay.  Plopped on the bed or couch with a good book, or an endless array of Doris Day movies on TCM, it’s good to let a body heal.

And then there’s this:

These were taken coming back in to Atlanta after leaving the marathon.  At home, we got over 12″ of snow, but in Atlanta, they got snow, and then ice on top of that.  The bottom picture is of I-285 after we turned around.  And I’m glad we did.  We moved.  If we hadn’t, we would have slept overnight on I-285 with about 400 other people stranded in their cars.  It’s no understatement to say that I’m glad we chose to go at that particular time.

But considering the roads were like that, and more ice was expected that night, we decided to find a hotel for the evening.  Notice the road above.  That’s not snow.  It’s not salt.  It’s pure ice.  About 1/2″ thick at least.  My poor husband looked like the Hunchback from Notre Dame by the time he finally managed to skid the car into the parking lot, he was so tense!

Here’s another view from the hotel balcony.  You can see just how thick it was.  In fact, nothing around us, save the gas station next door was open.  Although the kids would have enjoyed it, we didn’t particularly want to eat Snickers and Ding-Dongs for dinner, so at about 3 pm we ordered Domino’s.  They promised they’d deliver no matter what.  Our pizza didn’t arrive until 7:30.  My husband very generously tipped the driver.

I’m glad we stayed.  I like living.

After checking the reports in the morning, the forecasters said to stay put.  The roads in Atlanta were “atrocious” they warned.  Conditions on the interstates were passable though, if just barely.

We chose to move.  But I’ve never seen Atlanta so ghost-like.  Our daughter said it was too bad that there wasn’t a major sci-fi movie filming in town, because studios have to pay big $$$ to keep the roads so clear.  It was frighteningly eerie.

This exit is usually a parking lot, no matter whether you’re headed North or South.  Normally, we’d be in the HOV lane.  Not today… too icy.

The roads were better in some places than in others, but we could still crawl home.  Literally.

If we saw one car on the side of the road, we saw 70.  I kid you not.

I-75 was temporarily closed due to an accident on the Southbound side.  The night before, 5 semi-tractor trailers had jack-knifed heading North, closing the entire length of I-75 down through the downtown area.  I’m glad we stopped and stayed.

Here’s one of over 20 accidents we saw.  We saw on the news the evening before that Metro Atlanta emergency crews were only responding to accidents with injuries, with some 300+ accidents reported!

But thanks to the wonderful, definitely overworked G-DOT workers like this one, we were able to make it home safely.

I’m thankful for all the friends and family that prayed for us.  It was good for us to stay when we stayed, and good to move when we moved.  By the time we got close to our town, the roads were clear.  We were safe.  And we were home.


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