When Life Gets in the Way…

Way back, at the beginning of the year, I vowed that I would blog more. I would make it a point to get my thoughts and voice out there, in the vast world of cyberspace, well… more.  I wrote. I journaled. I even had a few good #zerotohero blogging days.  I felt like I was getting into a rhythm and making it a habit.

And then…. WHAM!  Life interrupted.

I had to take a break from blogging.  A very long, unforeseen break.  Literally, I couldn’t type.  Well… I could, but it would have taken me about 1 1/2 hours just to type as much as I’ve written up to this point.  Maybe not quite that long, but pretty darn close.

When much of the country was at or below freezing, we were too.  We had a pipe burst in our laundry room.  FunNot.  In order to get to said pipe, we had to pull out the washing machine, tear out drywall, insulation, etc… etc…  So to say that my laundry room turned into a mess would be a bit of an understatement.

And, oh, did I mention that our house is for sale?

It is.

And of course, the house being an absolute disaster (when you have to turn off the water, and it’s 6° outside, and maybe 57° inside because ice froze on your HVAC unit also, preventing it from working) someone will decide that they want to view your house!  I mean, why the heck not?  It’s 6° outside; let’s go look at houses for fun!

Which means that I had to clean my house.  And hide the drywall mess.  When I moved the drywall, I knocked over a glass jar on the laundry room counter.  Broken glass, thrown into the trashcan.  Drywall thrown on top of the broken glass.  Urgency to clean house for prospective buyers, so thoughts were unfocused.  Pushed drywall down into trashcan to compact.

Thumb met broken glass.  Severed tendon.  Stitches.  Specialist.  Undone stitches.  Surgery.  Cast that covered half the length of my fingers, my entire thumb, and most of my forearm…  Next to impossible to type.  Next to impossible to cook, button buttons, zip zippers, turn pages, drive, get my garden ready, and much much more.  Two and a half months of life interrupted.


All this to say, life impossibly intrudes on what we want to do, or even think we should do.  Then again, I had an impressive amount of time to sit. To be.  To read.  To think.

Despite feeling as if normal wasn’t happening, I discovered that I was able to be grateful for what was happening instead.  I was grateful for my family that stepped in to help take care of things I couldn’t do.  I was grateful that it was my left thumb instead of my dominant right thumb.  Covering up my right hand would have been inconceivable.  I was grateful that I was forced to learn to new ways of doing everyday little things like shaving my underarms, opening and closing ziplock bags, taking bread out of the oven, dragging around a vacuum cleaner, tying my shoes, and so many more little things that I had always taken for granted!

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. Proverbs 19;21

This verse couldn’t be more truthful! I was so bent on getting things done, that I became un-done.  In His infinite wisdom, God knew that I needed to learn to slow down and breathe.  I needed to learn to appreciate the help of those around me.  Usually I only feel my worth when I’m the one helping; it’s a powerful lesson to allow others to help instead, and feel their own immeasurable worth!  I  needed to learn that there is a whole world in my little box of a world that I take for granted.  Really, when was the last time you thought about how to zip a zipper?  I think about it all the time now, and I think what a blessing it is to be able to zip it up!  Truly.

Even though I try to make time each day to read my Bible, pray, and even give thanks for my many blessings, I think so much of that is sometimes just living in the shallow waters of my relationship with Him.  It’s not ocean deep.  Stupid as it may sound, God used a severed tendon to draw my attention back to ALL the things in my life that He’s done for me, both great and small.

In the whole scheme of things, a severed tendon is really very minor.  But often, God will use whatever means it takes to get our attention.  And while my Frankenthumb was a giant inconvenience, I’m grateful for it in a way; anything that He uses to draw us near to Him is a good thing…


My Frankenthumb


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