This. Is. Just. Killing. Me.

I had to get this picture on here.  Because it’s the only way I can savor these sweet, ripe, delectable strawberries right now.  A few days ago, I lost my voice.   Odd choice of verb, that.  How do you lose a voice?  Anyway, yesterday my sense of Smell and Taste decided to meet up with their friend Voice somewhere in Fiji.  And they didn’t invite me.  So look at these strawberries.  Ripe.  Red.  Suc-cu-lent.  And I can’t even taste them.  These are out of my old backyard practically – Plant City, Florida strawberries.  I used to go there to pick them when I was a kid.  And now…. No taste of home for me!  So please, enjoy them.  Because I can’t.

Oh, and I spent hours working on building a nice, custom header.  I’ve learned all about CSS too.  Or so I thought.  Because now I’ve changed so much on my Custom Style Sheet, that I can’t get the header in there.  I will, though.  It’s a challenge, and I like challenges, and I always learn something when I’m challenged, so this is a good thing.

But not tasting those strawberries is a bad thing.  A very bad thing, indeed.


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