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Okay, I’m an exercise buff.  Or, as my daughter would probably say… exercise freak!  I started watching Jack LaLane at a young age, and I’ve been enthusiastic to move ever since.

I find that I get out all (well… most!) of my aggression and anger issues by workin’ up a sweat.  Be it P90X, yoga, training for a marathon, or getting buff(er) from some DVD workout, I like to feel fit.  I love my Peanut M & M’s and Graeter’s ice cream, but I am more often than not eating a  healthy-for-you salad or egg-white omelet filled with fresh spinach and feta cheese.

Join me on these pages, where I’ll discuss some of my exercise related challenges and victories, and maybe even offer up the occasional review of a program or product.  I’ve learned that no one can exercise or eat right for me except me,  so I might as well take care of me for me too!


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