My Katie Holmes Moment

If you’ve looked at this site lately, it’s hard to not pick up on the fact that recently I ran a marathon. But only one.  Just one itty-bitty marathon.  And I know several people that have run more than one.  They’ve run many, several, and multiple marathons, in fact. So while I don’t want to diminish my accomplishment, I know that it’s really a paltry one compared to  friends and family that have run, oh, more than 4 or 5.

Still… I have one above-and-beyond triumph that has to do with my marathon that I’d venture to say most of them haven’t achieved…  Out to dinner after the race, I pulled a “Katie Holmes.”

After she ran the NYC marathon in 2007, and went to dinner with Tom, she was photographed wearing heels.  She wore high heels after running a marathon!

And so I did too…

I’m not exactly sure why it was so important for me to wear heels, but it was. Honestly, from the day I registered to run, it was part of my whole marathon “plan.”  To me, wearing those darn heels afterward was almost as much a point of pride as not crawling across the finish line.

Just like I carefully organized and packed my race wear (the perfect shorts, socks, shirt, shoes, ponytail holder, etc…) I constructed my boy-am-I-exhausted-but-I-still-want-to-look-like-I-just-kicked-butt-and-am-woman-hear-me-roar post-race outfit.  What is it about women that we consciously plan – and then obsess – over these kinds of things?  Because… boy, did I obsess!  I wanted an outfit that offered a large degree of comfort.  I wanted an outfit that made me look thin.  I wanted  an outfit that accentuated my good features and camouflaged my less than perfect ones.

And then, I wanted to wear heels like Katie did.  You know, so I could be smokin’ hot.  (Really, I wish you could hear me laughing out loud at that last sentence, because in my head I’m  hearing Alicia Silverstone’s voice in Clueless saying “As if!”)  But yeah, kind of, so I could feel smokin’ hot.  A nice outfit makes you feel pretty and feminine.  Heels, however, make you feel not just feminine, but womanly.  And while my body felt drained like the national deficit, I looked like a million dollars.  At least, I felt like I looked like a million dollars.

Part of it was that I knew that I could run a marathon.

But really, it was the heels.

Knowing I could run a marathon and then wear heels made me feel like Wonder Woman.   Wearing those high heels made me feel like a movie star….

So… a great big Thank You, Katie Holmes!  I rocked some heels too.  Oh, and by the way, some 15 years older than Katie, I even beat her time by almost 11 minutes!


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