When I Run

Recently, my niece posted this on Facebook:

I think Eric Little said it best: “When I run, I feel His pleasure.”

That’s a line from the Academy Award-winning Best Picture of 1981 Chariots of Fire.  Naturally, that popped into my mind when I was running the next morning. I guess I don’t consciously think of feeling God’s pleasure when I hit the pavement, but I do know that I feel closer to Him when I run.  I can’t explain it exactly, but there are a few lines from another movie – What Women Want – that I’ve always identified with, and can explain it more succinctly.  In the movie, an advertising company is working on a Nike womens’ running campaign.  As the two lead characters are brainstorming, one of them narrates the mock commercial’s film footage:

She’s running.  It’s early, it’s quiet.

Just the sound of her feet on the asphalt.

She likes to run alone.  No pressure.  No stress.

This is the one place she can be herself.

That’s me.  Running alone, and early.  There is no pressure and no stress, and I feel like I can think what I want and no one will judge me.  I can run as fast or as slow as I like and no one expects anything from me.  My mind can focus on something – or nothing at all – and the world will not fall apart in the next two seconds.  Because when you’re living with teenagers, the world will almost always end in the next few moments according to their emotions and hormones.  🙂  Just kidding.  Sort of…

Now, I don’t just run.  I do many different kinds of exercise – yoga, biking, weights, P90X, and more.  I don’t like to do the same thing all the time.  I get bored.  But I will always come back to running.  Even with all those other forms of exercise, I default to running a couple times a week.  And I’ll tell you why….

When I am out there running, I can pray.  I can rail at God for my circumstances.  And I can praise Him for blessing me in those same circumstances.  So in that respect, I do feel His pleasure when I run.  Because I am spending time with Him.  I’m not really alone; He’s there.  I’m myself with Him when I run.  I’m who He created me to be when I run.  And that’s when I feel His pleasure.


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