Treasured Family Recipes


Recipes Remembered by Marcia Adams is one of my favorite things…  In fact, I have three of these books.  One for each of my kids.   It’s basically a blank-ish little book of pages and pages of printed recipe cards.  So you can put down your favorite tried & true family recipes.  You know, the ones you make over and over, and your kids ask for over and over…  your friends and family expect at all gatherings… Those kinds of recipes.


While there are also quaint stories and trusted family recipes by the author, the majority of the book is left blank so that the owner can save for posterity all the recipes that should be passed on anyway.  All there in one neat little package.  There are prompts for such questions like:

“At our wedding, we served…”

“My maternal grandmother’s cooking was influenced by…”

“The very first meal I ever prepared was…”  (for me, it was polka-dot macaroni.  Basically, Kraft macaroni and cheese, with cut up hot dogs in it.  I am in awe that my parents even ate it!)

It’s such a sweet thing, truly.  I am methodically putting our favorite recipes in it.  Things like my homemade Caesar salad dressing, our family version of Chex mix, Buckeye Balls, Brownie Pudding, my friend’s wonderful sweet potatoe casserole, White Chili, Red Chili, Key Lime cheesecake, and…, and…  well, you get the idea.

My idea is that when my kids move out on their own, or get married, they will have all the recipes of the things that made their little stomachs go pitter-patter once upon a time.


I love the idea of passing on things to another generation.  Just like my great-grandmother took the time to show me how to make chicken and noodles (the very old-fashioned way), I can send a little piece of their childhood into their futures.


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