When our oldest son was in preschool, we found he was way ahead of his class. He already knew his numbers, colors, and could easily read basic material. He knew these things because I’d been working with him for a bit each day. So when it came time for him to enter Kindergarten, and we looked at the public school he’d have to attend, we had doubts. The school was the worst in the district, and knowing he was well ahead of his peers in preschool, we feared that he’d be bored to tears in the school.

At the time, my sister-in-law was homeschooling her kids (she still is, and it’s her 18th year!) but I thought she was completely nuts to do it! However, God has a way of moving people toward His purpose for them… All of a sudden, it seemed that anything that had to do with homeschooling crawled out of the woodwork: friends knew of a homeschooler giving away beginning curriculum, another friend considering homeschooling going to a seminar and inviting me along, or a Kindergarten teacher down the street moving and giving me a bunch of her “leftovers.”

Today, when people ask me why I homeschool, I tell them that God literally held it to my face to get my attention. And He did. But I cannot imagine any place I’d rather be. Certainly, there are days when I wish I could get in the car and drive to a warm, sunny beach, and leave my kids to fend for themselves at whatever school they could get to. But for the most part, I love being with them. I love seeing them grow physically, spiritually, intellectually, and more. I get to be with them, and enjoy them, really enjoy them, in a way that many parents can’t enjoy their own kids, because someone else has their time each day.

It’s not just a chore; it’s an adventure!


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