I’m a mom.  I’m a mom who does all the standard mom things like laundry, dishes, picking up leftover PopTart wrappers, flip-flops, wet towels, and I’m also a mom who homeschools a couple of the kids. I’ve been married to my best friend, Jon, for over 20 years.  While our oldest son is  a freshman in college.   I continue to teach our younger son and daughter at home. This year is my 15th year of homeschooling; I NEVER thought I’d ever say that!!!!

I love to read. I love to write. I love to exercise, although, mostly when I’m done for the day and I know it’s out of the way!  I love my family, and our situation, even though I complain about it to God 99% of the time! And most of all, I love Him.  Without Him, my life would be meaningless, and devoid of much joy. Without Him, I would not be able to even find joy in the smallest of things.  And it’s through those small things – the minutiae of daily life – that real happiness is to be found.

On this page I will rant and rave, pontificate and ponder, reason and reflect, mull and meander over various aspects of my life, be it politics, culture, kids, marriage, fat clothes, my worries, or just anything that remotely flits through my mind at any given moment.  I’m a “thinker” and here I will think…

Rodins Thinker

Rodin's Thinker


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