When Did I Become So Attached to the Weather?

Sunny days, keepin’ the clouds, away… 

I feel like an old fogy sometimes….  I totally plan my life around the weather.   The weather has such a massive effect on my moods, my to-do list, etc…, etc…, it’s really not even funny.  Not one iota.  Really.

I remember when I was in high school,  and we first got cable.  There weren’t too many channels I was interested in, because they all tended to show professional skeet shooting,  Bob Villa re-grouting a bathtub,  or long-lost episodes of The Galloping Gourmet, and things that were way beyond the scope of a 15 year old girl.  MTV was interesting, but not really allowed in my home.  Although, considering it’s programming today, it was pretty innocuous back then!  Anyway, I do remember thinking it was kinda cool to have a weather channel.  In Florida, afternoon storms can sweep in in the blink of an eye, and The Weather Channel helped me plan my beach outings.  Aside from who liked whom, beach trips were paramount to teenage happiness back then. But really, I didn’t care about weather too much.  Until we moved to Tennessee.

When we moved to Tennessee, I was like a fish out of water.  Eggs without a basket.  Smoke without the fire.  Well… you get it.  I was completely out of my element, to say the least.  We lived in a dingy rental while we built our home.  And while you are building a house, any builder can tell you, you practically live and die by the weather.

“The roofers will be out tomorrow,” the builder says.

“Great!” you reply enthusiastically.

But… oh no… it rains for 4 solid days.  By then, the roofers now have another job to do as well as yours, so the crew splits up, and your roof doesn’t get done until… whenever.  Of course, this messes with the drywall guys, and the electricians, and the plumber, and the guy cutting in the driveway.  All because of 4 lousy days of weather.

So, I began to see the benefit of knowing what the expected weather outlook was for the next few days.  Well, my knowledge only extended to what was imparted to me by the wisdom and accuracy of whatever meteorologist I happened to listen to that day.  Or, the oh-so-lovely real-time depiction of moisture on the Doppler radar.  That Doppler guy deserves major kudos in my book!  Who really cares about the temperature when all one really has to know is if the rain is coming, and when it will get there?

Suddenly the weather was very important to me.  Considering we did a lot of the work ourselves, and we had 3 kids under the age of 7, I wanted good weather so the house could be completed.  And so when I had to be there to paint, show up for deliveries,  sand floors, or whatever, I could send the kids outside to pick up discarded nails, frolic among the poison ivy in the woods, and scream at them not to play in construction debris piles.  I was such a good mom, can’t you tell?

Now we’re ten years out on building the house (and there are parts of it that, after 10 years of a family living in it, really need to be redone!) and I’m just as attached to the weather forecast today as I was then.  I even have this clever little weather program on my laptop taskbar so I always know what the temperature is.  It even gives me nifty audible alerts when severe weather is on the way.  Hallelujah!  And with the click of my mouse, I can even pull up the Doppler radar to see if I can send my kids out to mow or pull weeds while I lay in the backyard eating bon-bons, reading a John Grisham novel, and directing all sort of torturous tasks their way.

Really, the weather can make or break my day…


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