I’m Going to Use My Super Crabby Mommy Powers Now…

Or… as my neo-teen son says, “your Super Crappy Mom Powers”!  I don’t know if you Facebook or not, but there are these virtual buttons (like something you’d wear for a presidential campaign) called Flair that have all sorts of witty and odd sayings on them.  My children are big fans of these and often send them to me.  So, being the interested and involved mom that I am, I try to send them one every once in a while too.

The other day I found this one:

Now,  sometime before bed, all the children will wander into our room to say goodnight, get their cares and woes off their little chests, and share all sorts of trivial, yet important information with me.  By the way, I’ve learned that anything preceded with “by the way” usually is something that has been weighing heavily on their minds.  Things like:  “By the way, I really, really want to buy this new game for the computer, so can you advance me my allowance?”  or, “By the way, I’ve tried really, really, really hard to be a good friend to ___________, and they are just completely rude and snotty to me, so do I hafta keep being their friend?” or, “By the way, I really, really need  some time to just think this problem through, but can you help me figure it out in the meantime so I don’t have to?”.  But, I digress.  So the neo-teen super boy wanders in one night, talking about the cool magic video his cousin posted on YouTube, and asks me if I got his Piece of Flair.

“Why yes,” I say, “did you get the one I sent back?”

“Yeah, you mean the super crappy mom one?” he replies.

That nailed it.  Life is like that.  One minute you’re merely crabby, and the next you’ve become positively crappy.

But I’ve learned to make it work for me.  We Super Crabby Moms are like that – we use our powers, both good and evil, to our advantage…  So now whenever they know I’ve got some big complaint up my sleeve, or I’m hatching a plot to dole out more chores, I just announce that I intend to use my Super Crabby or Super Crappy (no sense in having just crabby or crappy powers – we’re women, hear us roar!) powers right about now.  Somehow, like a true superhero – POW!  WHAM!  KABLAM! –  it always diffuses the potential situation!

Here’s to the Super Crabby Mommies among us – we have the power to change our world!


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