The Difference Between Boys & Girls

I’m so glad that I had children of both sexes. Not to offend anyone that had children of just one gender or anything, but boy, what a perfect setting for all sorts of psychological observations!

How many times have I marveled at the differences between boys and girls? Too numerous to count, I can tell you. Starting in the crib,  my boys wanted to roll over, arch their back, and gleefully grin as they peed on me during a diaper change. My daughter, however, was just content to maintain eye contact.

Then, as they got older, I could see how their hormonal differences played out in several ways. Relationally, the boys always wanted (still do!) to tell everyone around them how, what, and when to do something. My girl? Wants it done a certain way, no doubt, but is more likely to go along with the boys and then get upset after the fact. Physically, too, boys like to challenge those around them. Be it sprinting to the end of the running trail against me, or showing off their new height to an advantage, it’s all about proving physical superiority. My girl?  She could care less.  Her idea of physical is to be able to throw her arms around something (mom, dad, dog, pillow) and happily hug it.  Mentally, my daughter is able to wrap her head around intangible concepts a little better than her brothers could at her age. I’m not saying they’re doofuses, because they’re both very bright, but just that they seem to only be able to handle one thought or thought process at a time. In my daughter, though, I see the ability to juggle many things at once.

You know, I could go on all day about the differences between boys and girls, but this picture says it better than I ever could.  Forgive me; I’m a little late posting this because I’ve been re-doing my daughter’s room and I punctured my fingers too many times with sewing needles that I almost lost the ability to type.  But alas, that’s another story…

Anyway, guess who carved the cute bunny/cat pumpkin?  And guess who carved the vomiting pumpkin bisected by the machete?

THAT, in a nutshell, is the difference between boys and girls!


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